Homeopathic remedies for plants and soil

You get he most important homeopathic remedies as single unit in different sizes. You may also find arranged assortments for beginners and professionals, clearly assorted in a leather case or in a wooden box.



How to prepare the remedy mixture (10 liters) for your plants.

A dosage table for other amounts can be found here (PDF 104 KB for printing)

Step 1

Globuli im 30er Set.

Select the correct remedy

Step 2

Globuli auswählen.

Use 6 globules of the potency C 30 or C 200, which is sufficient for 10 liters of the remedy mixture.

Step 3

Globuli auflösen lassen

Let the globules dissolve in water. It is practical to use a screw top lid for this step.

Step 4


Shake to dynamise the active substance.

Step 5


Put the remedy mixture in a plastic watering can filled with 10 liters of water.

Step 6


Stir with a wooden stick.

Step 7


Water the plants, the roots and, if possible, the leaves. For smaller amounts, adapt the number of globules accordingly. See our dosage table here (PDF for printing).